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Travel the Philippines With Us

With over 1,700 islands, there’s always a reason to visit. So let’s go and travel the Philippines.

Featured Destination

These are our favorite places in the Philippines. Great for relaxation and doing all sorts of activities. These are also the most famous tourist destinations in the Philippines. You can also head to our Blog page for more updates on our favorite destinations.


Filled with natural attractions like caves, falls, beaches. The most popular one is the chocolate hills. So go travel Bohol.


The top beach destination in the Philippines. If you love water activities and meeting lots of people, this is place to go to.


Also famous for its white beaches. This place has a more relaxing vibe.

Experience Nature’s Wonders

The Philippines is filled with natural wonders. there’s the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, and the Mayon Volcano with it’s perfect conical shape, to name a few.

If you are a nature lover, or someone who likes seeing panoramic views of nature’s art, you should definitely travel to the Philippines. Bohol would be a great start. Read our Bohol Travel Guide for starters.

chocolate hills in the sunset

Relax and Enjoy in the Pristine Beaches

Philippines’ beaches are always included in the top beaches of the world. Boracay is one of the most famous because of its white sand. El Nido, Palawan has also gained popularity in the last decade.

There’s no shortage of water activities too, so whether you want to bathe in the sun or dip in the water, Philippine beaches have you covered.

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Taste the Filipino Cuisine

Once you have tasted the Chicken Adobo and Beef Kare Kare made by the local restaurants, you will update the list of your favorite food.

The flavors in the Philippines is a mix of Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and many other cultures. Making Filipino cuisine familiar and unique at the same time.

grilled fish, pork barbecue, some soup, vegetables and many other local filipino food in plates

Recent Blog Post

Learn more about traveling in the Philippines, read our blog.

Why We Travel The Philippines

clear water with people swimming in it

It’s the culture, people, food, experience, and most of all, the memories. We have more than 7, 100 islands to explore and each island is worth a hundred stories. Experiencing this island paradise is something we want to share as a family. So plan your trip to the Philippines and start collecting memories.

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