Bohol Food Tour: A Culinary Journey through the Heart of the Philippines

Welcome to Bohol, known for its unique fusion of traditional Filipino dishes and innovative culinary creations. From the famous Chocolate Hills, a prime tourist attraction and natural wonder, to the serene beaches of Panglao Island, every bite and every flavor is an integral part of the Bohol experience. Get ready to explore the bustling food scene of Tagbilaran City, the rustic charm of Loboc, and the beachside gastronomic delights of Panglao on this ultimate food tour of Bohol.

Humba, Calamay, Camote CueTraditional Boholano dishes showcasing the island’s sweetness and love for sugary flavors.
Ginataang Langka, Binignit, Chicken CurryDishes exemplifying the rich use of coconut milk in Boholano cuisine.
Kinilaw, Grilled Fish, Seafood SinigangFresh seafood dishes, highlighting Bohol’s proximity to the sea.
Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian RoastAn Italian restaurant in Tagbilaran known for authentic Italian and Sicilian dishes.
The MIST at Alona BeachA restaurant offering a modern take on local Filipino cuisine with a contemporary twist.
Bohol Bee FarmA sustainable dining experience with organic and locally sourced food.
Loboc River CruiseA unique dining experience on a floating restaurant along the Loboc River.
Chicken Ati-Atihan in Tagbilaran CityA renowned eatery for its grilled meats and authentic Boholano cuisine.
Pilya Basta Cuisine, Sunset Grill at Alona BeachBeachfront dining options at Alona Beach, offering creative seafood dishes and stunning views.
Bohol Coco Farm, Buzzz CaféPlaces known for their unique coconut-based drinks and smoothies.
Amorita Resort, The Bellevue ResortLuxury resort dining with a focus on seafood and local flavors.
Tarsier Paprika, Garden Café in LobocOff-the-beaten-path eateries offering serene dining experiences and local dishes.

The Unique Flavors of Bohol

Bohol’s cuisine often features a delightful hint of sweetness, reflecting the Filipino love for sugary flavors. This sweetness is woven into both savory and dessert dishes:

calamay, puto, and other glutinous rice cakes in Bohol Philippines

  1. Humba: A must-try dish, this savory pork recipe is similar to Adobo but with a sweeter, slightly fermented taste, made using pineapple juice or sugar.
  2. Calamay: Made of grated coconut and brown sugar, this sticky, sweet dessert is often served in coconut shells and is a popular dish in Bohol.
  3. Camote Cue: A street food staple, these deep-fried sweet potatoes coated in caramelized sugar are a satisfying meal for locals and tourists alike.

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Coconut Milk: The Heart of Boholano Cuisine

The menu includes a variety of dishes where coconut milk is a staple, adding richness and creaminess:

chicken curry in with coconut milk in yellowish sauce

  1. Ginataang Langka: This dish features young jackfruit cooked in rich coconut milk, often with shrimp or pork, showcasing the wide selection of seafood available in Bohol.
  2. Binignit: A warm, coconut milk-based dessert soup with bananas, sweet potatoes, taro, and tapioca pearls, perfect for a healthy food option.
  3. Chicken Curry: A less spicy Filipino version of curry, made creamy with coconut milk and served with unlimited rice, a staple in the Visayas region.

A Sea of Flavors: Bohol’s Seafood

With its proximity to the sea, Bohol boasts an array of fresh seafood dishes:

bowl of soup with shrimp in a white bowl

  1. Kinilaw: Experience the ultimate in fresh flavors with this raw fish dish, cured in vinegar and mixed with ginger, onion, and chili.
  2. Grilled Fish: Simply grilled over a wood-fired oven, often stuffed with tomatoes and onions, this dish is tender and flavorful.
  3. Seafood Sinigang: A sour soup flavored with tamarind and filled with a wide variety of seafood like shrimp, fish, and squid, mixed with vegetables.

Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast: Italian Flavors in the Heart of Bohol

Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roast, a must-try restaurant in Bohol, brings a taste of Italy to the island. This charming restaurant is located in Tagbilaran and offers a menu that includes authentic Italian dishes and sumptuous Sicilian roasts.

The MIST: A Modern Take on Local Cuisine

The MIST, located in Alona Beach, is a gastronomic journey, reimagining traditional Filipino dishes with a contemporary twist. This restaurant serves a wide variety of fusion dishes, appealing to both locals and tourists alike.

pork crackling on crispy pork skin on a clean table

Bohol Bee Farm: A Sustainable Gastronomic Experience

Bohol Bee Farm, a farm-to-table concept restaurant, is renowned for its commitment to healthy, organic food. Located amidst lush greenery, this restaurant serves a wide selection of locally sourced dishes, including vibrant salads and homemade ice creams. This is a great place for people looking for vegan food.

brown rice, fresh vegetables wrapped in rice paper, and a slow cooked beef in tomato sauce

Loboc River: More Than Just a Scenic View

The Loboc River Cruise offers an opportunity to enjoy a meal on a floating restaurant. This unique dining experience combines delicious food with the beautiful river scenery, making it a top attraction in Bohol.

different local dishes like white rice, noodles, fish, and fresh fruits like banana, watermelon all laid out neatly on the table of the floating restaurant

Chicken Ati-Atihan in Tagbilaran City: A Flavorful Fiesta

Chicken Ati-Atihan, a restaurant that serves grilled pork parts and other Filipino favorites, is located in Tagbilaran, the island province’s bustling town. This eatery is a symbol of Bohol’s vibrant food culture and a favorite among both locals and tourists.

Panglao Island: A Fusion of Flavors and Beachside Dining

Panglao Island, part of the island of Bohol, is a haven for food enthusiasts. The island’s culinary scene is a delightful mix of local and international cuisines, with an emphasis on fresh seafood. Dining in Panglao is a sensory experience, where the sound of waves complements the taste of freshly caught fish and the sight of the setting sun adds to the ambiance.

Alona Beach: Where Cuisine Meets the Coast

Alona Beach, located in Panglao Island, offers a vibrant food scene with an array of dining options. Here, the fresh catch of the day is transformed into mouth-watering dishes at beachfront restaurants and food stalls. Whether you’re in the mood for a simple grilled fish or a sophisticated seafood platter, Alona Beach has something to satisfy every palate.

  1. Pilya Basta Cuisine: This beachfront gem is a favorite for its creative seafood dishes. Their signature “Seafood Halo-Halo,” a mix of grilled squid, prawns, and local fish served in a hollowed-out pineapple, is not only a feast for the eyes but also a symphony of flavors.
  2. Sunset Grill: Known for its laid-back atmosphere and stunning sunset views, Sunset Grill offers a culinary experience that complements its natural surroundings. Their “Grilled Bangus” (milkfish) stuffed with tomatoes and onions, cooked to perfection, is a must-try for anyone visiting Alona Beach.

The Coco Connection: Savoring Bohol’s Tropical Bounty

In Bohol, coconut is not just an ingredient, it’s a staple that defines the island’s culinary identity. From refreshing cocktails to decadent desserts, coconut is a versatile component that adds a tropical twist to any dish. The use of coconut in Bohol’s cuisine is a reminder of the island’s tropical essence in every bite.

filipino cuisines like fish in coconut milk, pork crackling, chicken adobo and some vegetable salads

  1. Bohol Coco Farm: This farm offers an authentic experience with their “Coco Loco”, a fresh coconut drink mixed with local rum, a favorite among visitors for its refreshing and zesty flavor. The drink is served in a freshly cut coconut, providing an authentic island experience.
  2. Buzzz Café: Known for its eco-friendly approach, Buzzz Café serves an array of coconut-based smoothies and shakes. Their “Mango Coco Smoothie,” a blend of ripe mangoes and fresh coconut milk, is both healthy and delicious, offering a taste of Bohol’s rich tropical flavors.

The Art of Eating by the Sea: Beachfront and Resort Dining in Bohol

Beachfront dining in Bohol is an experience in itself. The island’s top resorts also offer notable restaurants where the ambiance is as impressive as the menu. Dining by the sea, you can enjoy a variety of dishes, from freshly grilled seafood to Filipino favorites like adobo, all while the gentle sea breeze and the sound of waves enhance the experience.

  1. Amorita Resort’s Saffron Restaurant: Perched on a cliff overlooking Alona Beach, Saffron Restaurant is known for its panoramic sea views and exquisite menu. Their “Grilled Seafood Platter,” featuring the freshest catch of the day, including lobster, squid, and local fish, is a culinary masterpiece that celebrates Bohol’s seafood heritage.
  2. The Bellevue Resort’s Marea Al Fresco Dining: This beachside restaurant offers a romantic and relaxed dining atmosphere. One of their signature dishes, the “Boholano Seafood Curry,” combines local spices and coconut milk with a variety of seafood, creating a dish that is both rich in flavor and local tradition.

Off the Beaten Path: Discovering Hidden Culinary Gems in Bohol

Beyond the well-trodden paths, Bohol hides several culinary gems worth visiting. These places offer a more authentic and intimate dining experience. Here, you can enjoy local delicacies and home-cooked meals, often prepared with recipes that have been passed down through generations.

  1. Tarsier Paprika: Nestled near the Tarsier Sanctuary, this quaint restaurant offers a serene dining atmosphere. It’s renowned for its “Bam-i” – a Boholano noodle dish combining sweet and savory flavors with a mix of meat and seafood, embodying the local cuisine’s diverse influences.
  2. Garden Café in Loboc: This hidden gem, located in the town of Loboc, is known for its organic and locally sourced ingredients. Their “Loboc River Salad,” made with fresh greens, tropical fruits like mango, and a homemade dressing, is a testament to Bohol’s farm-to-table philosophy.

Why Bohol is a Food Lover’s Paradise

As our Bohol food tour comes to a close, it’s clear why this island is a haven for food enthusiasts. Bohol seamlessly blends traditional and modern flavors, creating a culinary landscape that is as diverse as it is delicious. From the rustic charm of street food vendors to the sophisticated ambiance of resort restaurants, Bohol offers a dining experience for every taste and occasion.

Bohol is not just a destination, it’s a journey through flavors, traditions, and unforgettable culinary experiences. For food lovers around the world, Bohol is indeed a paradise waiting to be explored.

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