Best Hotels in Bohol – Where to Stay on Your Next Trip

If Bohol is on your list of places to visit in the Philippines, I would like to help by giving you information on the best hotels in Bohol island. It could be overwhelming because it’s such a huge place with tons of things to do and places to visit. Choosing an accommodation can be stressful as well.

First off, if it’s your first time to visit Bohol or you’re just not familiar with the place, I strongly advise you to stay in Panglao. I think this is a beginner friendly area that caters to experienced and new tourists alike.

Why Stay in Panglao, Bohol

I could probably list a hundred reasons, but I’m just going to summarize the reason why tourists should stay in Panglao when traveling to Bohol.

  1. If you’re coming by plane, Panglao Airport is where you’ll arrive. So you don’t have to travel to another city to reach your hotel.
  2. Most tourist destinations are located in Panglao and nearby towns. Again, you don’t have to travel far when going on a tour. And Tagbilaran is really near in case you want to visit that place too.
  3. Alona beach, which is the first commercialized beach in Bohol. If you plan to visit this place, then you should definitely stay in Panglao. And it’s only about minutes away from the airport.
  4.  Hundreds of hotels and restaurants, from luxury to cheap, are here. Basically you have everything you need here to have a memorable stay in Bohol.

Bohol Hotels Near Alona Beach

If you want to spend your stay in Bohol primarily in Alona beach, it only makes sense to stay in a hotel that’s already there…or near there. So I listed below the popular hotels in Bohol island that are just a few minutes away from the beach and the busy hub of Alona. Take note that most of these hotels, if not all, will have the basic necessities like A/C unit, wifi, fridge, closet, toiletries and others so I won’t be talking about those anymore.

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Panglao Regents Park Resort

2 story hotel with a swimming pool in front

I think this hotel is around 100-200 meters away from the beach. We’ve stayed here a few times and I must say that I don’t remember complaining about anything. I will note that there are some wall paints that have faded over the years which is an easy fix.

Their restaurant serves good food. I liked their hawaiian breakfast. Not sure if it’s regularly on their menu. One thing I noticed about this hotel is that it’s pretty quiet. I was able to take naps every time we get back from touring the island. So if you’re looking for a standard hotel for you and your family, I think this is a great choice.

Oasis Resort

bungalow huts with a swimming pool in front and some chairs on the grass

Oasis Resort’s Hotel classifies itself as a 3-star hotel just a few minutes away from Alona beach. First thing I noticed upon seeing their beachfront is the bar, I’m not sure why because I had no plan of drinking.

The room we got was big enough for a family with 5 members. The room was clean and has this tropical relaxing vibe. They also have a restaurant which serves great omelette! I forgot what I ordered because all I can think about is that omelette. I had that for breakfast during our entire stay! Most of the food on menu were great as my family seemed to like eating at their restaurant so much.

I love their beachfront, because we can just stay there until watch the sunset, and when it’s dark we can just go to the restaurant and eat and then relax in our room. It was a very convenient way of enjoying the beach life even for just a few days I guess.

If I remember it correctly, they had pools surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens. I think the pool was perfect, we always swim there after a tiring day of touring around Bohol. If I didn’t want to swim I just sat by the pool side or appreciate the garden.

Lastly, the staff were very friendly and accommodating. I feel like we got a great value for the money that we spent here. I would definitely love to stay in this hotel again when I get the chance.

Alona Swiss Resort

swimming pool with blue water under the bright blue sky with the view of a hotel in bohol

This is another gem, this resort has a 3-star hotel just a few minutes away from Alona Beach. The rooms here are very spacious, clean and well kept. I felt it was very quiet during our stay which was very nice. Even though the place is very near the beach and other busy establishments, this the hotels were able to maintain a very relaxing and serene environment.

I like that there’s a lot of restaurant near the place. So when someone in our family crave something, I can just go out for a couple of minutes and just grab it. We can also walk around Alona until late since the hotel is just a stone’s thrown away.

They have a really nice pool, which is always clean.  It was very useful when we didn’t feel like going out because of the somewhat rainy weather. And there’s a lot of palm trees around the pool which adds to the calming ambiance of the place. Although I didn’t try it out, there’s a jacuzzi which I think adds to the appeal of the place.

They also have this apartment for those people who want to stay for a longer period of time, I didn’t ask the price but I’ll post it here when I get the information.

The staff were of course very accommodating. And I think the Swiss manager was showing us some Swiss hospitality which was very nice.

All in all, our stay here was very convenient and the whole family enjoyed it. So give this hotel a shot in case you’re still looking for a place to stay near Alona beach.

Luxury Hotels

Henann Resort Alona Beach

plam tress, lounges in front of the infinity pool under the palm tress with a view of the beach

Arguably one of the more popular resorts in Bohol. This could be the biggest resort in Panglao. According to their website it’s 6.5 hectares or about 16 acres. The size alone made us glad we visited this place. We felt like we could just spend our entire vacation days here. But of course we still went out to explore the place.

Our De Luxe room was quite big. And I noticed that the design was more modern that the other hotels we’ve stayed in. It was clean, cool, pretty cozy too. There was a queen size bed and a single bed which was perfect for us at that time. I think you can also opt for a King size bed.

There were multiple pools and the one we frequently used was their infinity pool, not for swimming but for taking pictures. The one closest to the beach was the people’s favorite though, I think it’s because it’s closest to the bar. And it’s buy one, take one during happy hour so you can take advantage of that. If memory serves right I think happy hour starts at 3PM.

The food here was also great. They had a breakfast buffet with a wide selection of items. there’s Western, European, Asian and of course Filipino food. I had to get the scrambled eggs and waffles which were delicious. There’s also a dinner buffet at the Sea Breeze restaurant which we also had to try. Again, with wide variety of choices like steaks, seafood, barbecue and all that. Breakfast and dinner buffets are each priced at around $20 per person.

The beachfront was my favorite. White sand beach with turquoise green water. It was just a wonderful site. There’s lots of beach beds and umbrellas so we were able to just sit there one whole afternoon and wait for the sunset. They also offer massage right on the beach, so that’s an option if you’re up for it.

Henann is actually just a few minutes away from Alona beach and Alona Square. And just across the road there’s McDonald’s, 7Eleven, and many other shops and stores. There’s also a lot of seafood restaurant around the area. So basically you’re like inside a relaxing resort that’s inside a busy area of the island.

I feel like this is the kind of place I will go to when I want to get away from all the noise but also want everything I need to be just within reach. So if you want to unwind, and just be surrounded with a 16 acres worth of relaxation, this is the place. In my opinion, this is one of the best hotels close to the airport.

Bohol Beach Club

a group of palm tress in the beach under the bright blue sky

Bohol beach club sits in Dumalauan beach, which could be the best beach in the island. It’s a white beach, but the sand is whiter and finer. The staff informed me that this is the first resort in the area. And they’ve been in business for more than a decade. Which suggests that they know what they’re doing. This is also one of the more popular hotels in Bohol for foreign tourists.

We were day-visitors here which means we didn’t check-in and we only paid for the use of their facilities. But I was able to get access to some of their rooms, because why not? The Villas on the beach that didn’t have tenants were basically open.

The beach was maybe half a mile stretch, i’m pretty sure it wasn’t long as I took the liberty of strolling the beach while my family was having a swim at their swimming pool. They have so many things going on at the beach. There’s swimming pool, a spa, hammocks, kayaks, I saw some diving gears, an area where you can book a diving session. At that time I just wanted to relax so it was an effort for me to take it all in.

The restaurant had a decent menu. It’s not Michellin-starred but it didn’t disappoint. They had pizzas, waffles, grilled chicken, seafood, and other some other things you can nib on while enjoying the beach.

Like I mentioned, they I saw some diving gears and an area where you can book for a diving session. They also have snorkeling activity. For me, just taking in the surrounding, listening to the waves, and enjoying some food is all I wanted.

Bohol Beach Club is a luxury resort that offers relaxation, adventure. And although I wasn’t able to talk to any of the staff, they were all smiles every time we I cross path with one. That tells me they’re very warm and always ready to help.

South Palms Resort

beach lounges with umbrellas, with a view of the infinitypool and the beach under the blue sky

South Palms Resort Panglao is just beside the Bohol beach club. In fact you can access beachfront of each resort by walking along the sandbar. As it is, it’s also situated in Dumalauan beach which makes the beach sand here powdery white. The view is much better here, staring at the white beach, the sea and the sky kind of like reminds me of the movie “Life of Pi”. Everything’s just clear and beautiful.

Being a beach resort, I feel like the amenities here are complete. They have an area for different water activities. The staff even mentioned that all available paddle boards are free. They have a compact gym with billiards and table tennis. They also have a tennis court. I think the Spa is right in the middle of the area where there’s a lot a palm trees, you can’t miss that. They have at least two pools, my daughter enjoyed the infinity pool a lot. We would spend a lot of time there when she wanted.

The bar and the restaurant are also along the beach already. So you could actually just stay at the beach all day long, most of the things you need are already there. You can spend the whole day at the beachfront without going back to your room.

The food they served was great. Can’t complain about the taste and quality. Didn’t want to experiment so we just went with what ever seafood and local dish that’s on the menu. I think we got the grilled chicken and shrimp. And what I loved about their food is that some of their ingredients are sourced from their farm. Yes, they have their own farm. And there’s a free shuttle you can take that will get you to the farm for free. There’s a schedule though, so you might want to ask the front desk about it.

Our room was spacious, clean, and modern. With 2 Queen beds that fit 5 of us. My daughter is still very small. The air conditioner was in great condition. The bathroom was tidy with water heater and complete toiletries. This is truly a 4-star hotel. I think we got that room for $120/night. It was a great price for what we received. A must visit if you want to stay in a luxury hotel in Bohol.

Budget Hotels in Bohol

Bohol Sea Resort

swimming pool surrounded by palm trees

When me and my wife had a long weekend I was able to convince her to go to Bohol for an overnight stay. And since this was a spontaneous trip, we didn’t book or reserved any hotel. We wanted to just go with whatever it is we find. And that’s how we ended up in Bohol Sea Resort. We were curious about the name so we decided to check it out.

Although we didn’t book it, we were able to get a room for $18 for a one night stay. This is still in Panglao but the difference is that it’s not near the main road or a busy street. The place is actually kind of secluded, you have to get inside a number of streets before you find it. Now this is not necessarily bad because I found that it’s even more quiet here than the big hotels. Which was nice since we were looking for a quiet getaway even for a night.

The room was nice, it’s not even a 3 star hotel but you can tell that it was clean and well maintained. The A/C was working well. There’s a small fridge and even a small safe for your belongings. I was surprised that the wifi signal was quite excellent in our room. It’s not usually my experience when staying at a cheap hotel. The lighting was somewhat limited, and it kind of added to the dreamy relaxing feel of the place. 

The food is good, but it’s very limited, mostly local dishes. Although they have a happy hour at 5pm to 7pm, you can take advantage of that. I did enjoy their cucumber lemonade.

They have a dive shop too, in case you want to do some water activities. We went snorkeling in Balicasag Island. It’s something we enjoy doing, especially me cause I’m not a good swimmer. Our dive master’s name was Hans, who was all friendly.

If you don’t want to go swimming, you can still visit Alona Beach, it’s only about 10-minute ride from the hotel via tricycle. The fare was only $1.75 for two people.

All in all I think Bohol Sea Resort is a great place to stay especially if you’re on a budget. I mean, $18 a night is a good price especially if you’re just going to do a quick in-and-out of the hotel or you just need a place to stay after a long day of touring Bohol.

Panglao Chocolate Hills Resort

a large swimming pool surrounded by cottages shaped like the famous chocolate hills

I once had the pleasure of staying at the Panglao Chocolate Hills Resort. Our deluxe room was $20 a night, which was a steal I believe. The room was very cozy, and the resort looked nice too.

I think this is one of the most quiet hotel I’ve ever stayed in Bohol so far. Tip though, try to get a room far from the pool since if you like waking up late. I noticed many visitors swimming there early in the morning.

The resort is also near a beach, but I forget the name of the beach. It’s like Alona but more peaceful since it’s not commercialized yet. Having said that, there’s no night life here. So if you want to party you will have to go to Alona beach which is only 5km(2-3miles) away.

There’s a restaurant inside the resort, but if it’s a bit too pricey for you, there’s a lot of street food just outside. Perfect match for a beer.

I think that the main feature of this resort is it’s laid back ambiance. So it’s perfect for people who just want peaceful and quiet relaxation. In fact, we could only access their wifi at the reception area. No wifi in our room. I thought it was nice because we were able to unplug for a couple of days.

So yeah, if you’re looking for a quiet retreat but still be able to see a crowd not far away, I think this resort is the perfect place for you.

Conrada’s Place Hotel and Resort

hotel with 2 floors with a swimming pool in front of it under the blue sky

In our last trip to Bohol, we wanted a secluded place, somewhere less busy and more laid back. And we also wanted the place to have some kind of space where my daughter can run around. And maybe a small pool. We didn’t have to do much digging until we found Conrada’s Place.

It was everything we expected. To get to the place we had to traverse a few streets where only 1 car can pass at a time. The area was really quiet especially in the evening. And it was only a 5 minute tricycle ride to Alona at only $2 for 5 people.

We stayed there on weekdays so the rate was relatively cheap, only $50 a night. The room was nice and clean. There’s free breakfast too. The owner and the staff are very approachable. We even requested the time we liked our room to be serviced. And because the place was really quiet, I was able to report to work for a day when I didn’t feel like going out.

All in all, I think this resort offers a good value for money. If you’re not looking for a 5-star hotel experience, this is a great place for a family who wants some quiet time and just wants a fine room to come back to after a long day. I don’t mind staying here when we come back to Bohol. It’s a great place for the price.

Come to Bohol

I am formally inviting you to come and spend your vacation in Bohol. And if it’s your first time and you want to experience most of the things that Bohol offers, try to stay in a resort in Panglao Island.


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