My Culinary Adventure in Panglao: A Story of Discovery and Delight

Hello, friends! It’s been a whirlwind of a week here in the beautiful Panglao, Bohol, and today marks my seventh day of exploration and adventure. As I sit here, recounting my day, I can’t help but feel a mix of satisfaction and eager anticipation for what’s yet to come. Let’s dive into the heart of today’s journey, which, as you’ll soon discover, was as much about uncovering hidden gems as it was about savoring every bite. Before we start, if you’re looking for a travel guide in Bohol, please visit our page here.

A Hidden Japanese Delight

Last night, as my eyelids began their inevitable descent, I stumbled upon a beacon of culinary hope on Google Reviews – a Japanese restaurant named Kissa. Nestled unassumingly along Lower Tawala, just a stone’s throw from my inn, Kissa’s rave reviews made it a must-try spot for my ever-curious palate.

The Quest for Kissa

kissa japanese store front with a reflective glass and some paper lanterns

Finding Kissa was no small feat, even with Google Map’s guidance. Its elusive charm lies in its discretion – no flashy banner or neon sign to mark its presence. Instead, a modest nameplate on the wall, easy to miss for those not looking closely. This clandestine approach only added to my anticipation.

First Impressions

Upon entering, the ambiance struck me – clean, cozy, with just a few tables, perfectly capturing the essence of a quaint Japanese eatery. The menu boasted an array of affordable delights, with prices ranging from Php 400 ($8) to Php 500 ($10) per meal. My choice for the evening? The Katsu Curry and a side of Gyoza, the latter highly praised on Google Reviews.

The Culinary Verdict

The Katsu Curry was a comforting embrace of deep-fried pork cutlet, rice, and curry sauce. But the Gyoza? Oh, the Gyoza! It was a revelation, living up to every lofty expectation set by its online acclaim. Authentic Japanese flavors at an unbeatable price – what more could one ask for?

deep fried pork cutlet in curry sauce with white rice on the left, gyouza japanese pork dumpling with soy sauce and chopsticks on the right

Coffee and Charcoal Ice Cream Interludes

atypika coffee shop on the left, barista preparing a coffee on the right

Post-Kissa, my journey led me to Atypica Coffee for a café latte fix, a spot I stumbled upon that’s nestled in a convenient hub near Alona Square and Alona Beach, surrounded by essentials like a hotel, pharmacy, and more.

a hotel, a pharmacy, a gift shop, and a bank all lined in one place

But the highlight? The Buzzz Cafe at Alona Beach, where I dared to try their Black Ice Cream, an intriguing concoction made with activated charcoal. Expecting a bitter taste, I was pleasantly surprised by its creamy, avocado-like flavor. A browse through their organic offerings tempted me, but I resisted the caffeine urge for the afternoon.

black ice cream in a cone on the left, bags of organic coffee beans on the right

An Evening of Ramen and Reflections

huge lobsters on the left and some live crabs in a container on the right

As the day mellowed, a walk along the beach presented sights of fresh, enormous seafood for sale. But as evening approached, my steps led me back to Kissa for their Tonkotsu Ramen – a harmonious blend of pork belly, egg, green onions, sesame seeds, and nori in a refreshingly light broth. This ramen wasn’t just food; it was a bowl of comforting reassurance that today was a day well spent.

a tonkotsu ramen with egg, pork belly slices, nori, vegetables, sesame seeds

Conclusion: A Perfect End to an Imperfect Day

Returning to my inn, my body ached from the previous day’s biking adventures, but my spirit was light and fulfilled. Today wasn’t just about food, it was about the joy of discovery, the beauty of simplicity, and the joy of finding a new experience.

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