Some Bohol Concerns: From Algal Blooms to Title Inflation

a boat on the ocean revealing algal bloom in the sunset

Today, I’m sharing a heartfelt piece from the beaches of Bohol, Philippines, which was originally penned by Marianne Go for Philstar.com. In her vivid recount, Go describes the not-so-sunny side of what was supposed to be a dreamy beach getaway. Picture this: a family from Down Under, pumped for some sun, sand, and the unique charm of Filipino hospitality, finds themselves grappling with an unexpected guest – algal bloom. The pristine beaches they dreamed of were nowhere to be seen, replaced by green, slimy waters and a risky ballet of bancas (local boats).

But the story doesn’t end with beach woes. It takes a surprising turn into the corporate world, discussing how fancy job titles have inflated like a hot air balloon in the Philippines. From “sanitary engineers” who handle waste management to “guest relations officers” manning the front desks, it seems the title game is strong but not necessarily reflective of the roles or the compensation.

Both stories weave a narrative that’s as eye-opening as it is intriguing, shining a light on the environmental and socio-economic challenges faced by this beautiful island destination and its people. Kudos to Marianne Go and Philstar.com for bringing these stories to the forefront. For a deeper dive into this compelling journey, check out the full story here: More Bohol turnoffs.

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