My First Bohol Adventure in 2024

On a bright March morning, I decided to go on an adventure to the beautiful island of Bohol, Philippines. And it began not without its share of hiccups. My day started early, with the anticipation of catching a bus from the Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) to the airport, a common predicament for travelers coming from Cavite due to the difficulty of securing direct rides to the airport.

The Missed Bus and A Quick Change of Plans

In a twist of fate that seemed to emphasize the unpredictable nature of travel, I missed the bus by a mere thirty seconds. With the bus schedule being hourly and my patience running thin, I opted for a taxi, which, to my relief, cost only Php 200, a small price for ensuring I wouldn’t miss my flight.

An Interesting Observation at the Airport

Arriving at Terminal 3 of the airport, I checked in for my Cebu Pacific flight, only to notice an oddity. The announcement board still listed Tagbilaran Airport instead of Panglao Airport, despite the former being permanently closed. A minor confusion for some, perhaps, but an interesting note for frequent and new travelers to Bohol.

A Moment of Leisure Before Departure

With two hours to spare, I decided to explore the terminal and grab some breakfast at Jollibee. Although it was just a light meal, it was surprising to see new restaurant additions like Ramen Nagi, which I unfortunately noticed only after eating.

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The Flight to Bohol

Our boarding was remarkably smooth, with a bus taking us to the plane. To my surprise, we departed and even arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule, a commendable feat for Cebu Pacific.

flight dashboard with tagbilaran flight details highlighted in red box

Arrival and First Impressions

Landing at Panglao Airport brought back memories, as it remained unchanged since my last visit. Greeted warmly by locals and representatives from the tourism department, the vibrant spirit of Bohol welcomed me once again.

Settling In: Bamboo House Inn

My stay at Bamboo House Inn on Panglao Island was pre-arranged, ensuring a smooth transition from the airport to my accommodation. After a brief ride by tricycle, costing only Php 200, I settled in quickly.

accommodation fron yard with short green grass and a hammock

Curiosity led me to explore nearby conveniences, including a McDonald’s within a 5-minute walk, perfect for a quick bite. Alona Beach, my next stop, was just a 10-minute walk from the Inn.

Rediscovering Alona Beach

The afternoon was spent revisiting Alona Beach, noticing the subtle improvements and additions, like the bungee trampoline and the repositioned carousel. The beach retained its serene beauty, bustling just enough to feel lively without being overcrowded.

white beach sand bar and the ocean under the dark cloudy sky with some people walking on the beach

Evening Reflections and Looking Forward

After stocking up on necessities, I spent the evening planning the week’s activities. The excitement for the days ahead, filled with exploration and discovery, was palpable. As I called it a day, the anticipation for the adventures that lay ahead in Bohol filled me with an indescribable sense of joy and eagerness.

I’ll be sharing a short official review of the Bamboo House Inn in the near future and more details about my latest Bohol adventures in my Blog so make sure to follow.

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