Captain’s Peak Garden And Resort Caught Everyone Unaware

captain's peak and garden resort in the middle of chocolate hills with red prohibition sign

I was in Bohol when I saw a post on Facebook about this, at first I didn’t believe it. But the Inn’s manager informed me that they were being summoned by the Department of Tourism because of the issue with Captain’s Peak Garden and Resort.

In a stunning revelation that has both local and international communities buzzing, a newly constructed resort nestled in the heart of Bohol’s iconic Chocolate Hills has ignited a fierce debate over the delicate balance between tourism and environmental preservation. The Chocolate Hills, known for their unique geological formations and lush biodiversity, have long been a symbol of the Philippines’ natural beauty and a protected area under environmental laws.

However, the emergence of Captain’s Peak Resort has raised questions and concerns. Reports and environmental watchdogs highlight the resort’s infringement on protected lands, including altering the natural landscape and illegal utilization of water resources, as detailed in a report by Philstar and echoed by CNN. This development has prompted a call to action from various sectors, urging for the resort’s demolition and a reevaluation of policies governing tourism and environmental conservation, as emphasized by environmental groups in Rappler and confirmed by findings from the DENR on Philstar.

The situation underscores a pivotal moment for Bohol and the broader community, how do we harness the economic potential of tourism while ensuring the preservation and respect of our natural heritage? The controversy over Captain’s Peak Resort serves as a reminder and a call for a more sustainable and responsible approach to tourism, one that honors and protects the natural wonders that draw visitors from around the world in the first place.

As the debate continues, it’s clear that the resolution will require a collective effort from the government, the private sector, and the community. Only through collaboration can we hope to find a balance that satisfies both the economic aspirations and the environmental imperatives of our time. The closure order by the local government, as reported by GMA Network, marks a significant step towards addressing this issue.

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