4th Day in Bohol: A Day in Tagbilaran City and Alona Beach

Hello, fellow adventurers! Welcome back to my blog as I recount my fourth day here in beautiful Bohol. Today’s agenda was to explore Tagbilaran City and indulge in some culinary delights at Alona Beach. Join me as I take you through my journey of discovery and deliciousness. Hoping to see more tourist spots along the way. I kicked off my day at Atypika Coffee, a charming new café located along the lower Tawala road near Jollibee. A simple café latte was just what I needed to energize myself for the day ahead.

Journey to Tagbilaran City

My plan for the day was to visit the Bohol Museum and the Department of Tourism in Tagbilaran City. Originally, I intended to travel by tricycle, but upon learning that a bus ride would cost me only Php 70($1.4), I opted for the more budget-friendly option. After a short wait of about 10 minutes, the bus arrived, equipped with a refreshing air conditioning system, which was a welcome relief from the sweltering heat. The ride from Panglao to Tagbilaran City took around 30 to 40 minutes, with a brief stop at Panglao Airport.

Tagbilaran City Exploration

Upon arriving in Tagbilaran City, I made my way to the National Museum, only to discover that it was closed on Mondays. Well, that’s that. I decided to explore the Tagbilaran Cathedral and the adjacent watchtower. In between these historical landmarks lies a vibrant playground where I stumbled upon a fire drill in progress, a timely reminder of the importance of fire safety.

a man in glasses with a sad face and the closed door of national museum behind

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Next on my itinerary was a visit to the Department of Tourism, where I had a pleasant chat with the friendly staff and obtained some useful contact numbers for emergencies.

Culinary Delights at Gerarda’s Restaurant

With hunger pangs setting in, I headed to Gerarda’s Restaurant, a renowned establishment in Bohol known for its delectable Filipino cuisine. The cozy ambiance coupled with mouthwatering dishes such as Beef Kare-Kare and Salmon in sour soup made for a delightful dining experience, all at an affordable price of Php 600($12).

a plate of beef in peanut sauce and salmon fish in sour sauce, a plate of shrimp sauce all neatly placed on a table

Island City Mall Excursion

After lunch, I made a brief stop at Island City Mall to explore its offerings. While the mall boasted familiar sights and sounds akin to those found in any major Philippine city, I couldn’t resist indulging in a refreshing Mango shake at Payag restaurant.

a glass of mango shake with white straw

Sunset Dinner at Alona Beach

As the day drew to a close, I made my way to Alona Beach to enjoy a scenic dinner by the shore. The grilled spare ribs in mango barbecue sauce served with a side of green salad and brown rice was a culinary masterpiece, made even more memorable by the complimentary bread with malunggay honey sauce. With a stunning view of the beach to complement my meal, it was the perfect end to a perfect day.

grilled spare ribs with mango strips and a side of green salad on a white plate

Unexpected Discoveries

As I made my way home, I stumbled upon a gathering of tourists flocking to a nearby area where fresh seafood was being sold, including sea urchin and other tantalizing delights. While I refrained from indulging this time, it’s definitely on my list for future culinary adventures.

sea urchin and some fresh sea food on plates


And there you have it, a day filled with exploration, culinary delights, and unexpected discoveries in Bohol. Join me next time as I continue my journey through this enchanting island paradise. Until then, happy travels! Be sure to check my other blog posts here for more Bohol adventures and information.

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