Exploring Panglao Bohol: 3rd Day Adventures

Starting the Day at Alona Square

My day began with a leisurely walk towards Alona Square, seeking some breakfast to kickstart a promising day. To my surprise, right on the side of the road, stood a new establishment, Atypika Coffee. Interestingly, it was only their second day of operations. Nestled right along Lower Tawala Road, near Jollibee, this coffee shop caught my attention. I opted for a cafe latte, priced at Php 130 ($2), which truly hit the spot. Finding Atypika Coffee was a delight, making me a regular during my stay in Panglao.

bar and coffee machine of a coffee shop named atypika

A few steps away, I decided to have my breakfast at Sun Cafe and Bar, just a few meters from McDonald’s. The Sun’s Overload Breakfast caught my eye, a hearty meal priced at Php395 ($8), featuring a choice between waffles, eggs, either bacon or sausage, mushrooms, and a green salad. Although delicious, it wasn’t what I would call a traditional Filipino breakfast, possibly due to the sausage.

garlic rice, sausage, scrambled egg, dipping sauce, a cup of coffee, a simple breakfast

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Moadto Strip and Beyond

Today’s itinerary included a visit to the Moadto Strip and a detour to the Panglao Church (St. Augustine Church). Despite my initial plan to walk the 7km journey, the heat persuaded me to opt for a tricycle ride instead, costing Php250 ($5). This seemed pricey for a solo traveler but saved me valuable time.

a horse-riding kid with a guide on moadto strip

Moadto Strip, known for its quieter ambiance compared to Alona Beach, remained mostly unchanged. The cleanliness of the sand this time was not so good, although some locals were seen tending to it. A surprising sight was a boy riding a horse along the beach, an unexpected yet memorable moment. Notably, most visitors here were Korean, making it an interesting cultural observation. The area is best visited in the afternoon for its beautiful sunsets and is also home to Modala Resort.

Cultural Stops and Unexpected Discoveries

On my way to the Panglao Church, I made stops at The Bellevue Resort and North Zen Villas, only to find them fully booked, a surprising discovery for a Monday morning. The visit to Panglao Church was as humbling as ever, with its rich history and magnificent architecture providing a serene moment of reflection.

Pangnlao church and watch tower

An Evening with Fireflies

With some time to spare before my evening plans, I indulged in some avocado ice cream at Alona Beach. The day’s highlight was a firefly watching tour I had booked for 6 pm. As a “joiner”, I was accompanied by nine other foreign tourists. Our destination was Loay River, about an hour away, where we spent 30 to 45 minutes in the quiet darkness, marveling at the fireflies. While capturing good images was challenging due to the low light, the experience of having fireflies fly around us was unforgettable.

fireflies that look like stars in the dark
fireflies or stars?

Reflections on a Day Well Spent

Retreating to my room after an eventful day, I reflected on the experiences and encounters that made it truly special. Panglao proved once again to be a place of discovery, adventure, and serene beauty, marking another day well spent on this beautiful island.

If you want more information about my adventures in Bohol, please visit our Blog page. I am regularly publishing articles about all things Bohol.

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