My Second Day Adventure in Bohol: Henann Alona Resort

My day commenced with a simple yet delightful breakfast at McDonald’s, where I indulged in a serving of pancakes. I decided on a light breakfast in anticipation of a hearty lunch later in the day. With my morning meal complete, my adventure led me to the luxurious Henann Resort, a renowned haven situated just a stone’s throw from the famous Alona Beach.

Henann Resort

Bohol’s Henann Resort boasts two remarkable establishments, Henann Tawala Resort and Henann Resort Alona Beach. Both are within close proximity to each other, merely 100 to 200 meters away from Alona Beach, offering guests unparalleled access to pristine sands and serene waters. Unfortunately, Henann Tawala was fully booked, so I had to go to Henann Resort Alona Beach, which proved to be a nice turn of events. Not surprising because Henann is considered one of the best resorts here in Panglao, Bohol.

a view of the infinity pool with palm trees and the beach and the ocean

Resort Luxuries

The day use fee at Henann Alona is an enticing Php1500 ($30), which grants access to an array of facilities designed for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment. This package includes the use of their infinity pool, beach towel, lounge, locker, shower room, a slice of the Alona beach, the bar, and, most enticingly, a buffet lunch. Officially, day use commences at 10am, yet the staff’s generosity allowed for an early start at 9am.

A Morning of Tranquility

The infinity pool, with its mesmerizing view of the beach and the ocean, became my sanctuary for two hours. The quiet of the morning, coupled with the sparse crowd, made for a genuinely relaxing experience.

Buffet Lunch

Come 12pm, it was time for the much-anticipated buffet lunch, which lasted until 2:30pm. The spread was a culinary journey, featuring appetizers, main courses, and desserts. The cuisine was a delightful fusion of Filipino, Asian, and European influences. The seafood and traditional roast pork were my personal highlights, each dish a testament to the chef’s prowess and the rich culinary heritage of the Philippines. I won’t be posting pictures of the food here but I will be posting them on Youtube soon.

An Afternoon Stroll and Sunset Views

man sipping an iced coffee on the beach
total coincidence that my shirt color matches wit the guy’s on the background

Post-lunch, I strolled around Alona Square, basking in the leisurely pace of island life while awaiting the sunset. As the day drew to a close, I treated myself to the renowned organic ice cream from the Buzz Cafe. Sitting on the beach with a cup of iced coffee, I soaked in the soothing music and the breathtaking sunset, marking a perfect end to an idyllic day in Bohol.

I’ll be publishing more highlights and snippets of my recent travel in Bohol here on our website so if you want to read more, please visit our Blog page.

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